Our Technology

The software platform builds a three dimensional computer model of an individual’s joint. This model accurately simulates the dynamic, functional and patient specific response of implanted total joint replacement components. The simulation can be performed preoperatively or postoperatively. The key advance is the platforms ability to consider both activities of daily living and desired post-operative social and sporting interests.


Our unique hip simulation platform allows for the consideration of pelvic dynamics when placing acetabular components. When combined with bearing contact mechanical analysis it provides powerful information that can be used to customize the position of the implants with the aim to prevent dislocation, edge loading and squeaking. The technology is particularly suited to hard on hard articulations and implant systems that provide the option for very thin polyethylene liners.


We believe dynamic, functional and patient specific simulation can be used as both a predictor of post-operative function and as an analysis tool for painful post-operative knees. Our knee platform challenges the concept of mechanical axis alignment. Rather, implant selection and alignment strategies should be individually assessed in order to optimize the functional outcome for the patient. The knee platform considers the dynamic response of the joint in weight bearing scenarios.

Shift Complexity

Advances in computational capability and imaging processes have enabled a platform to be built that shifts complexity out of the operating theatre into a virtual cloud based environment. Our platform is capable of performing thousands of patient specific simulations in unison.