Our Business

Optimized Ortho Pty Ltd is an Australian based medical technology company, specialising in dynamic, functional and patient specific simulations. We have team members residing in Australia, United Kingdom and The United States. Additionally, eight Australian surgeons form a knowledgeable and experienced clinical advisory panel. Every member of our team is passionate about patient specific solutions for total joint replacement.

Expect More

Optimized Ortho is dedicated to improving the quality of life of total joint replacement recipients. We use state of the art simulation software to provide orthopaedic surgeons and implant manufacturers with unique dynamic, functional and patient specific information. The goal is to optimize functional outcomes through correct implant selection and a personalized alignment strategy based on the patient’s anatomy and lifestyle.


We have the ability to produce accurate predictive assessments of in vivo implant performance during weight bearing activity before the surgery has occurred. This creates a new scientific focal point that values dynamic, functional and patient specific simulation over existing generic, static analysis. Further, we provide a simple user interface that shifts complexity out of the operating theatre into a virtual environment.


Optimized Ortho maintains intimate knowledge of the orthopaedic arena. Our skills include biomechanical engineering, computer aided software development and a globally connected management team. The team is supported by dedicated quality, regulatory and clinical staff. Company operations are conducted in accordance with an ISO 13485 certified Quality Management System.